Brütting x Merz b. Schwanen  | AW2021

With over half a century of history in the books, Brütting is world-famous for its utterly comfortable and high-quality shoes. This emphasis on comfort, materials of the highest standards, and attention to detail is exactly what links both Brütting and Merz b. Schwanen together.

While you get truly comfy and cool shoes at Brütting, your favorite timeless T-shirt and sweatshirt are courtesy of Merz b. Schwanen. Now it gets even better: Thanks to these co-branded pieces, you can get your hands on cool basics with a graphic of your favorite shoe-maker Brütting on the chest and back.

Available exclusively at Brütting, these easy-going styles are equally comfortable to wear as the shoes you'll get there.

Max Kugel x Merz b. Schwanen  | AW2020

High-quality materials, years of experience and know-how, calmness: this is the way Max Kugel and his team bake bread in its purest form. Moreover, these are the similarities between the Bonn-based bakery and Merz b. Schwanen's method of manufacturing timeless styles. So this collaboration of Max Kugel and Merz b. Schwanen is only right.

By crafting these cool styles and enriching them with Max Kugel-related details, these pieces not only make the staff's everyday work even better but are also available to purchase exclusively at the Max Kugel bakery. So how about getting these unique styles when fetching your favorite bread next time.

CULTIZM x Merz b. Schwanen  | AW2019

Long-term partners and friends from Cultizm celebrate their 15th anniversary! And that's exactly why they planned and created a great collaboration with some of Merz b. Schwanen's products. 

The iconic 207 Henley was combined with the Bandana/Paisley theme from Cultizm.  The pattern on the patch button border makes the piece unique and unites the styles of both brands.
Additionally, the 218OS was chosen. The casual, oversized T-shirt goes well with the Henley and the Paisley pattern makes it even more special.
Both pieces are worked based on a steady selling color, ink blue.

B74 x Merz b. Schwanen  | AW2019

The B74 store in Frankfurt, Germany, is one of the best addresses for high-quality clothes and accessories. Their passion for well-crafted pieces is shown in their fone selection of goods available in their store and is now also eternalized on the back of these co-branded T-shirts.

Available in three timeless colors, the classic 1950s T-shirt made by Merz b. Schwanen gets combined with the B74 logo on the front and their mantra 'Nothing is stronger than passion!' written on the back. Get yours exclusively at B74.

BASIC RIGHTS X  Merz b. Schwanen  | AW2019

The collaboration unites the style of both brands! 

The collaboration between the two companies came about because both Basic Rights and Merz b. Schwanen have similar styles and pursue common goals. Like Merz b. Schwanen, Basic Rights also attaches great importance to sustainability.

Together with Basic Rights Merz b. Schwanen designed a ribbed sleeve crew neck t-shirt that comes in two colors.


Anatomica x Merz b. Schwanen  | AW2018

The specialty of these henleys? You can see right away! The asymmetric button-border is a true eye-catcher and makes these pieces made in collaboration with our partners and friends from Anatomica something truly special.

The shift of the classic button-border is unique in its own right, yet the loopwheeled fabric these pieces are made tops it off.

Are you interested in wearing one of these co-branded styles? Get yours exclusively at Anatomica and check out their carefully curated selection of styles.

APRIL x Merz b. Schwanen  | AW2018

 An April roastery T-shirt made by Merz b. Schwanen:

Together with April, Merz b. Schwanen designed a T-shirt to match the coffee roastery that is located in Copenhagen. The boss has a long been fan of Merz b. Schwanen and wanted to combine both brands. This is how the T-shirt was created, printed with an A, which stands for April.

Blue Print Amsterdam x Merz b. Schwanen  | SS2018

In collaboration with Blue Print Amsterdam, founded by Celia Geraedts, classic Merz b. Schwanen pieces such as T-shirts and henleys get the special indigo treatment. Being dyed by hand with real natural indigo, each piece is individually colored and thanks to its color gradient, truly one-of-a-kind.

First appearing for spring/summer 2018, these indigo styles have come back regularly since then and surely will in the future.

Would you like to dive deeper into the dying process coming along with this exciting collaboration? Check out our blog post right here.

Monocle x Merz b. Schwanen  | SS2018

Let's celebrate 10 years of Monocle focusing on the quality of life.

Merz b. Schwanen is proud to share the launch of this special edition of one of our favorite pieces, the 346 sweatshirt. It is available in Grey Melange and Dark Navy.

Rowing Blazers x Merz b. Schwanen  | AW2017

In autumn of 2017, Rowing Blazers by Dr. Jack Carlson and Merz b. Schwanen launched their co-branded collaboration.

Thanks to a shared appreciation for tradition with a twist and each brand transporting historic inspirations to modern-day style, the two join in their passion for true traditional craftsmanship and reinterpreting originals in a truly contemporary way — Rowing Blazers, specialized on the history of the blazer, and Merz b.  Schwanen,  specialized in manufacturing unique T-Shirts, the two aesthetics come together through intricate satin patches and loopwheeled textiles — all with great attention to detail and quality.

Rocking H x Merz b. Schwanen  | AW2017

A co-branded collaboration of Rocking H and Merz b. Schwanen. Iconic 1950's T-shirts by Merz b. Schwanen  are washed, painted, and stamped to each  be made into one of a kind and utterly unique. Each garment is customized with labels cut from original union jack flags and sewn by hand.

A melding of two approaches to the one garment: Merz b. Schwanen essentials are so pared down in style in contrast to the touch of an intensely artistic and creative process by Rocking H. Each piece is a single design and structure, thanks to both the typical irregularities found in the natural, loopwheeled Merz b. Schwanen materials as well as through the exceptional treatment by Rocking H. The contrast of this synergy is a wonderful example of what the different takes on a one-of-a-kind garment can become when brought together.

Monkey Bar x Merz b. Schwanen  | AW2017

With the well-known Monkey Bar being part of one of Berlin's finest and most stylish hotels, the 26hours Hotel, here's the equally cool T-shirt for one of the coolest bars in town: a limited-edition Monkey Bar T-shirt made by Merz b. Schwanen.

The Monkey Bar logo is not printed on the Merz b. Schwanen 1950s T-shirt, but has been etched out of the fabric color. Each piece is handmade and is unique, making it just as good to look at as the view you get from the bar's rooftop.

Enjoy your favorite drink in a nice atmosphere the next time you're in Berlin.

The Workshop x Merz b. Schwanen  | AW2017

The Workshop of the Bvlgari Hotel London is the premier location for health and fitness. The Gym and its extensive offer of workouts including yoga and swimming serve as a haven of calm within the vibrant city center. This calmness and the consciousness for core values is what unites The Workshop and Merz b. Schwanen.

Both brands know their respective craft: while the crew of The Workshop will assist its members in removing any imbalances within the body, these easy styles made of all-organic cotton aim to assure a good feeling every time they are worn.

Junya Watanabe COMME des GARÇONS MAN x Merz b. Schwanen  | SS2016

With his own line as part of the storied Japanese fashion house COMME des GARÇONS, Junya Watanabe is known for adding his unique touch to timeless styles. This time, it's Merz b. Schwanen's classic crew neck sweatshirt getting an exceptional patchwork fabric treatment making it a one-of-a-kind piece right away.

We are proud and honored that the collaboration with Junya Watanabe COMME des GARÇONS MAN has become an annual mainstay since 2016, and he gives Merz b. Schwanen's classic styles a new edge each season.

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AARGH & MONKEY x Merz b. Schwanen | SS2015

Print-heavy, familiarly comfortable, and truly unique pieces: Berlin-based artists AARGH & MONKEY linked up with Merz b. Schwanen for this limited collaboration.

The two Berlin artists tell their story in the form of high-quality silkscreen prints created in their charming backyard studio. This unique morbid atmosphere is reflected in their works and prints.

Aargh & Monkey and Merz b. Schwanen worked together to produce limited-edition T-shirts with eye-catching motifs.

Gasoline Alley x Merz b. Schwanen  | SS2015

Gasoline Alley is a clothing shop in Munich, Germany.

The shop concentrates on a variety of goods in the areas of pilots, boats, and engines and sells matching menswear in heritage style.

Gasoline had Merz b. Schwanen in its range for a long time. New ideas for the Merz b. Schwanen henley were realized by both companies together and sold limited at Gasoline Alley in Munich.

Nigel Cabourn x Merz b. Schwanen  | SS2012

Being in the industry for over 40 years now, Nigel Cabourn is one of the biggest names in British fashion, even though he does not consider himself a 'fashion designer'. Everything he designs and touches is inspired by historical events, inspirational garments, or persons: so he brings his influence to Merz b. Schwanen's classic pieces such as henleys and long sleeve shirts.

Emphasizing high-quality materials as well as comfortable and durable styles, it's the shared values and rich history that link both brands together.

By adding military and workwear touches to these styles, the goal of creating timelessly cool pieces is attained as each is an instant classic and something truly special.