Merz B Schwanen Beanie Review: An Impeccable Fall Staple

Spy Magazine. October 2023 / Article

Photo Credit: Image generated by Tyler Schoeber using Midjourney & Merz b. Schwanen

If you know Merz, it’s likely because Carmy wears their impeccable white t-shirt on The Bear. It was the shirt that launched a thousand Google searches. It’s a banger of a t-shirt. But the loopwheel-obsessed German brand has much more to offer. Their Good Basics collection is a gold mine of well-made, well-considered staples and the waffle beanie is the perfect intro to investing in every day, foundational pieces.

It’s made of a sturdy merino wool in Portugal and the waffle knit is a perfect antidote to every other ribbed beanie out there. You get texture without going for a cable or Aran knit (no shade there, but it’s a move), and the colorways are perfect for fall. I’m partial to clay. No Cousteauvian red in sight.

​     Aaron Britt • Spy Magazine 


GOOD BASICS | MWBN06 sturdy beanie, waffle structure, merino wool

307 | clay



Merz B Schwanen Beanie Review: An Impeccable Fall Staple October 29, 2023
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