A Retreat On Canal Street

Merz b. Schwanen is thrilled to announce that our new store on 359 Canal Street is open, and excited to welcome your visit. 

Curated in collaboration with vintage furniture specialists, Berlin-based Danish Apriori, our space celebrates eclectic, original and lovingly restored mid-century furniture. The perfect complement to our range of quality, sustainably designed, and original textiles.

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teak shelving system inside the store
merz b. schwanen textiles hanging on rack
original henley on display

A Slow Trip Through Time

Designed as a calming sanctuary – a pocket of reprieve in bustling SoHo – our new store draws inspiration from Poul Cadovius, anchored by one of the legendary designer’s teak shelving systems. 

Warm and intimate, Merz b. Schwanen on Canal Street takes you back in time, with German and Scandinavian furniture sourced and restored by Danish Apriori, accented by original German black enamel lamps, and finished with touches of the industrial.

For us, at the end of the day, it’s always about simply good design and materials – what’s around you, and what you choose to wear.

We make original, organic, simply good basics

Merz b. Schwanen was born in 2011. For the second time. The first was in 1911. It’s a long story, and a beautiful one, best told where space allows. Unchanged across 110+ years is Merz b. Schwanen’s unyielding commitment to heritage, integrity and pure appreciation for good design. From that comes simple, timeless, sustainably made garments.

Merz b. Schwanen – the good basic!

Original Loopwheeler Germany

The unique and exceptional fabrics of our GOOD ORIGINALS are traditionally loopwheeled in Germany.


Good Future

Sustainability has always been more than just using organic materials. 


Our Heritage – Founded in 1911

We are continuing the story of Merz b. Schwanen by combining authentic with contemporary designs, made of sustainable fabric blends, all created with respect to the brand's heritage.


The Bear

You might have heard of this hit show, right? We are happy and proud that Jeremy Allen White as 'Carmy' wears our T-shirt throughout the show.