The viral $95 T-shirt in 'The Bear' came from a San Francisco store

SFGATE. June 2023 / Article

Jeremy Allen White as Carmen "Carmy" Berzatto in "The Bear". Courtesy of FX

 In the first episode of FX's hit restaurant industry drama "The Bear" (streaming on HULU), the show's chef, Carmy, trades a rare pair of jeans from 1944 to his meat supplier for a slab of chuck roast. The scene establishes Carmy as a menswear geek of the highest order, the type who - simmering saucepans be damned - would dare to wear a $95 white T-shirt into a kitchen. 

As it turns out, that $95 white T-shirt was sourced from a store in San Francisco. 

Self Edge, a menswear boutique founded on Valencia Street in 2006 by Kita and Demitra Babzani, gets a lot of calls from Hollywood costume designers. But due to the temporary nature of working film titles and the fact that much of Self Edge's inventory lacks distinguishable branding, the shop rarely knows when jeans or a shirt ends up on the screen. That changed with "The Bear".

  ​        Dan Gentile • SFGATE 

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Dan Gentile June 29, 2023
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