From 'The Bear' to 'Twilight', Shop These TV and Movie-Approved Closet Essentials

L'Officiel. August 2023 / Feature

"Because where else would we pick out our closet staples than our favorite shows and movies?" 

We often look to our favorite TV shows and movies for outfit inspiration. Typically it's the out-there, eccentric looks that become trendy, like the hot pink femme aesthetic in the Barbie movie or the grungy black outfits rocked by Wednesday Addams. But, one surprisingly effective type of style to find from what you watch is actually the most basic essentials, which often become viral moments as viewers scramble to find replicas for their own. 

Take the viral white T-shirt from season one of The Bear in 2022. This simple white tee that fans found out was $95 from Merz B. Schwanen soon became a viral moment in men’s fashion. While a heavy price tag for such a simple wardrobe basic, fans loved this shirt for its ability to look so everyday and wearable while maintaining style and quality, all Carmy approved.

Celebrities are usually the best influencers, and it makes sense that the outfits their characters wear become such hot commodities. Whether looking for a new basic or hoping to emulate your favorite character, keep scrolling for more TV and movie-approved fashion essentials.

​            Lauren Cohn • L'Officiel 


GOOD ORIGINALS | 215 loopwheeled T-shirt, 8,6oz, classic fit

01 | white



Lauren Cohn September 28, 2023
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