Let's stay home, stay sane, and stay safe!

What good garments can do to your attitude working from home

Homeoffice: a term of utmost popularity during these demanding times.

Across the globe, many of us continue their work from home. So does the Merz b. Schwanen office team in Berlin from the past week on. Spending so much time at home might sometimes be challenging, but it's the contribution we all can do to "flatten the curve" right now.

Staying sane and sharpening your mindset when working from home is essential while spending so much time in your safe space. It starts with what you wear: It doesn't seem like a bis deal, but a good T-shirt, sweatshirt, and pair of pants can do a lot to your (work) attitude thanks to the so-called "enclothed cognition".

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"enclothed cognition"

According to scientists, this cognition translates to what you wear can enhance our mindset and performance at various tasks. Dive deeper into this exciting topic with this article courtesy of "Positive Psychology News" right here.

Good read!

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So make yourself comfortable while still looking and performing well at home.

Side effect: You might even impress your co-workers during the next video-meeting by looking this good at home.

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Let's all do our part...

...of minimizing the risk these days. Lets's stay at home and do our best there.

And remember? Isn't your home one of your favorite places to be anyway?

So stay home, stay sane, and – most importantly – stay save! 

Let's stay home, stay sane, and stay safe!
Merz b. Schwanen, Matthias Balzer March 20, 2020
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