WSLS21 women’s PIMA cotton longsleeve, 4,6oz, relaxed fit

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Enjoy the high end softness and a cool look!

The silk of Peru: meet the high quality and the ultra-softness of real organic PIMA cotton, known as one of the world's finest cotton. When it comes to organic PIMA cotton, you can be assured that you get the highest quality, ultra-durability, and super soft feeling. Moreover, Pima cotton production is generally less impactful on the environment. Thanks to its extra-long life cycle, you can enjoy this piece even longer — making garments made from this fabric sustainable in many ways!  

Wear it over and over again: Pima cotton has an extraordinarily long life cycle for so you'll have joy for a long time. Why? One reason is its resistance to pilling. Thanks to its long fibers, organic PIMA cotton hardly ever pills, which means that garments made from this textile will surely accompany you in a lot of good moments to come!

Thanks to its casual cut, this long-sleeved shirt is perfect for layering looks and is also a real eye-catcher on its own. Put it on and you won't want to take it off anytime soon!



  • slightly slub structure

  • high-quality

  • long staple, super soft, and long-lasting cotton

  • fully recyclable

  • garment dyed

  • pre-washed

  • triangle inserts under arms

  • swan loop label

  • relaxed fit

  • round neckline

  • langarm

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