WLVT01 women's loose V-neck T-shirt

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81 feather grey

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The coolness of a ‘casual' T-Shirt due to the oversized, easygoing shape, with the twist of subtle sexiness effected by the deep V-neck: Believe us, when we promise that this is a truly charming garment for every good moment in life. With this T-Shirt, you will attract attention in a very easygoing and pleasant way.

We think that a real classic needs ‘ well-crafted simplicity’ - made of high-quality materials, with well-crafted thoughtful details and honest passion. This cool and relaxed V-neck T-shirt is a perfect example: a timeless classic for many unforgettable good moments. 

This fine, light and still cool looking fabric is convenient at all times. Pure organic-cotton feels pleasant and comfortable on your skin. 

  • 100% reine Bio-Baumwolle

  • leichtes, angenehmes 1-fädiges Material

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Form & Fit
  • loose fit

  • relaxed V-neck

  • dropped shoulder

  • relaxed sleeve

  • length: 62cm

  • no shrinkage

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