SPW Claus Porto: DOUBLE - almond milk wax sealed soap bar (150g /5,3 oz.)

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005 DOUBLE - almond milk

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GOOD HOME | Seasonal

Watch out: Natural, fine notes of whipped violet sugar, fig serum, and aromatic fresh almonds make sure you could be bitten. Just kidding! But, this soap lets you smell like wonderful fresh-baked almond cookies. Put on your original Merz b. Schwanen top and start dreaming of the good old days when your grandma spoiled you with her aromatic homemade cookies...yummy!

The soap is 100% made from high-quality vegetable oils and provides a soft, creamy foam due to the shea butter. Each soap is hand-packed with scratchy and exceptional original graphics from Claus Porto's archives.

  • Top Notes: Citrus accord, fig

  • Heart Notes: Grapefruit, rose, tuberose, lily

  • Base Notes: Vanilla, woody accord 


Sweet, heady tuberose blends with delicate lily and sparkling grapefruit to create a citrusy, gourmand fragrance. The detailed pattern on the soap’s packaging is reminiscent of Portugal’s historic Azulejo tiles, which adorn many of the historic buildings in the coastal city of Porto, where Claus Porto has its home.

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