SPB Claus Porto: CHYPRE - cedar poinsettia bath soap (350g / 12,4 oz.)

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003 CHYPRE - cedar poinsettia

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GOOD HOME | Seasonal

Oh, that lovely scent! A bouquet of fragrant roses and jasmine combined with the aroma of luscious blackcurrant, sweet lychee and vanilla: this wonderful scent will enchant you. 100% vegetable oils enriched with real shea butter will pamper you with a smooth and creamy leather. Simply enjoy…

  • Top Notes: lychee, blackcurrant, mandarin, bergamot

  • Heart Notes: jasmine, rose, apple

  • Base Notes: cedar, peach, leather, vanilla, oak moss


Chypre’s distinctive fragrance blends luscious blackcurrant, vanilla and peach with a woody touch, while notes of jasmine and sweet lychee create a fragrance that’s redolent of the Orient.

The line’s design echoes that sweetness and strength, with its Art Deco, geometric pattern in shades of pink, red, gold and black.

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