136 men's 1920s singlet

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99 deep black

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Made in a traditional style and look, this tank top looks more contemporary than ever. Here strong men's arms come out so well!

This slim-fit undershirt feels very comfortable against the skin. The unique construction allows it to keep its shape and reduce bulging fabric. The upper area is equipped with side darts under the arms, which provides maximum comfort. The lower section is circularly knitted and therefore has no side seams. Thanks to the careful hem seams, this shirt is always ready to wear as underwear and casually with any jeans in the summer when the heat is on.

Already 100 years ago, this highly comfortable material blend was developed as an imitation for the genuine, very high-priced Maco cotton from Egypt. Even today, it still impresses with its pleasantly soft feel - because: Who says an imitation can't also be an original?

Production: Made in Germany


  • Maco-Imit, 67 % organic cotton / 33 % viscose

  • 1-thread, 155 gr. (5,5 oz.), made on loopwheeler

  • natural, light fabric for maximum comfort for your skin

  • soft and comfortable structure

About Maco-Imit:

For over a hundred years, the material blend used for this shirt was a popular substitute for the expensive Maco-cotton from Egypt. Even today, the comfortable haptics can hold its own – this shirt may be a revision, but isn’t it an original piece nonetheless?

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  • puristic, unique workmanship of the neckline
  • maximum comfort due to side darts under the arm
  • open sleeve hem
  • best skin comfort due to gentle manufacturing process  
  • made in Germany
Form & Fit
  • casual slim cut with modern design

  • no bunched up fabric when worn as an undershirt

  • straight hem

  • maximum comfort: due to circular knitting and therefore no side seams, discrete darts on the sides

  • 2,5-4 cm (1-2 inches) extra length depending on size, as garment may shrink in the first wash

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