W1950SEA women's T-shirt

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99 deep black

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What could make your favorite T-shirt even better? Real Sea Island cotton! Known and recognized as the finest cotton on the planet. We thought it’s only right to pair it with our all-time favorite crew neck T-shirt — creating the 1950SEA.

This T-shirt is extraordinary right from the beginning. Being exclusively cultivated in the West Indies, the worldwide longest cotton fibers get picked only by hand. Swiss yarn experts “Spoerry 1886“ provides the officially certified yarn and its journey continues on our original loopwheelers. Before making its way to you in a handcrafted box, each T-shirt receives its finishing touches by getting individually numbered. 

Rare extra-fine cotton and scarce machines? You know these pieces are very limited! In fact, only 0,0004% of the overall cotton production account for real long-staple Sea Island cotton. That’s how limited it is.

Make sure to get your hands on one: James Bond might also try to get one since Sea Island cotton is the only thing he’s letting sit between his body and his holster. Joking aside: The timelessly cool cut and aesthetics, along with an exceptionally soft touch like cashmere yet outstanding strength thanks to the longest cotton fibers worldwide, make it a truly special style.


  • certified by Spoerry 1886

  • loopwheeled in Germany

  • 145 gr.

  • universally recognized as the finest cotton worldwide

  • natural silken sheen

  • unbelievable soft

  • triangular inserts under arms

  • no side seams

  • entirely made in Germany

Form & Fit
  • classic cut

  • classic crew neckline

  • maximum comfort thanks to loopwheeled fabric

  • ca. 2cm extra length as garment may shrink in the first wash

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