Merz B. Schwanen Make Loopwheeled Boxer Briefs

Heddels. July 2023 /Article

You’ve converted to loopwheeled sweatshirts, tees, and maybe even sweatpants. You’re living a cozy life in some of the best cotton fleece/jersey ever knitted by mankind. But to be truly accepted by the Loopwheel Gods, you need to be looped up down to your drawers. That’s just the way it is, and Merz b. Schwanen knows it.

All jokes aside, these Loopwheel Boxer Briefs by Merz are some of the most luxurious and well-crafted boxers out. Real ones know that loopwheeled cotton is like the selvedge of knitwear — it’s supremely soft, hardwearing, and ages well with less pilling and dulling. We don’t normally seek to add those qualities to our selection of underwear, but we should.

​                       James • Heddels 


GOOD ORIGINALS | 254 loopwheeled boxer brief, 8,6oz,

99 | deep black


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James, Heddels July 31, 2023
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