Wouldn’t it be nice to know and feel that we don’t have to catch up with everything and everybody anymore? To feel free and focus on what is important to us?

The AW2023 collection is about re-discovering and valuing the good basic things in life.

This is the day!

Let’s not get stuck in the past and start living fully aware in the present. Living in the present means re-evaluating, reducing, and clearing out needless thoughts, behaviors, and things. However, owning less is not a sacrifice. It is the opposite in fact. It helps us to feel more peaceful and at ease.

Let’s focus on quality over quantity and enjoy our simply good basics.

Besides new styles to look and feel good in, there is also a range of autumnally shades. Which one?

The comforting 'Desert Sun' implies the nature of brightness and gently stimulates our character. The warming ‘Chestnut' gives us a sense of reliability, whereas the bold colors 'Burgundy' and 'Ruby Red' motivate us to take action, support us to think, act, and live consciously, and give us the clarity for re-evaluation.

The strong ‚Purple Blue’ is associated with freedom and symbolizes the deep inner peace we feel while living connected to our source. The balancing ‘Mineral Blue’ is related to open space and supports us in finding our inner balance and intuition. Finally, the dense soothing ’College Green' represents nature, hope, and tranquillity.

It helps us to stay calm and focused.

Get in the mood and watch our video:

Discover all new AW2023 styles!

Merz b. Schwanen, Matthias Balzer September 1, 2023
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